Meet “Our” Kids

Each one of them has a special place in our hearts here at
Passion 4 K.I.D.S. and each one has very great needs

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“Please donate. Every penny goes to help these children get a chance they may not have had. No salaries or overhead are taken out.”

Why help these specific children?  Each child comes to us at a time in their life when they are suffering, through no fault of their own, on levels no child should ever have to endure. We are their last resort – with no insurance or government programs to help them in their greatest time of need.

  • Paralyzed by a drunk driver.
  • Diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that has plunged their family into emotional and financial despair.
  • Abandoned, abused, neglected.
  • The agony of watching their beloved parent dying from cancer.

While we sadly can’t help every child in need, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the children we are honored to serve.

Jemma & Joe

Jemma & Joe’s dad was tragically killed in a car accident. Their mom is battling stage 4 cancer.  


At age 1 Patrick was run over by a car while walking with his mom. Patrick has been confined to a wheelchair ever since.


Stormie has been in and out of foster homes since age 1. Her home was filled with drugs, alcohol and violence.

Baby Izaiah

Izaiah was hit by a teen drunk driver while being wheeled in his stroller. He remains paralyzed from the chest down.

Keirra & Jaya

Keirra and Jaya, adorable sisters, were found abandoned by their mother in a warehouse at ages 2 and 4.


Sophie was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of pediatric cancer.


Caleb suffers from Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, a very devastating diagnosis with no known cure.


There is currently no cure for this life-robbing condition, Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, and his needs are great both physically and financially.


Ashley is paralyzed from the waist down, deaf in her left ear and has metal rods in her back.


Riley was born with a life-threatening condition called SCID (bubble boy disease).


At 10 months old, Taisei fell off a booster seat, hit his head and suffered a severe brain injury. He has lost control of most of his body.


Elijah suffers from severe, low-functioning non-verbal autism. His father has abandoned the family.


Myesha is the single mom of 5 (including 1-year-old triplets), a victim of domestic abuse & a Navy vet.


At age 6, Wade was mauled by a dog suffering extensive injuries and paralysis.


Devan is battling Stage 4 Kidney Cancer and she and her family need our help.


Micah’s mother is suffering from a life-threatening brain tumor.


Frankie’s dad was in prison when his mom was deported back to Mexico. He has moved every few months living with various relatives.


Imagine finding out your child has cancer and a few weeks later having absolutely everything you own stolen.

Emiliano, Alyna, Lovely

Their dad is a former veteran suffering from stage 4 cancer. Their mom can no longer work because she is his primary caregiver.

“Our” Little Angels Now in Heaven


Kyle has endured over 95 life-threatening brain surgeries with more to come. 


Aidan collapsed on the baseball field and was found to suffer from a rare form of brain cancer.


Dora was perfectly healthy until she was struck with a virus 6 months ago which left her paralyzed from the neck down.


Baby Zoe only lived 4 short months before succumbing to a rare syndrome called Beare Stevenson. We were able to help with her funeral expenses.


Manny was an energetic little 16-month boy when he was tragically killed by a car while in the care of his babysitter.


This 8- year-old functions at an 8-month-old level, suffering from epilepsy and other disabilities.


Carson suffers from a very rare and deadly form of cancer but is battling valiantly.


Diagnosed with leukemia at 7 months old.